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Rosneath Engineering Limited
Dorset House
East Sussex TN7 4BD

Tel: 01892 770035


Used Parts for Ferrari V12 engined cars for Sale

We are sorting through lots of our new and used parts that we've had a long time and will adding them to this page gradually.

These parts have been collected over many years. Please email if you are looking for a specific part or if you want a photo of any of the parts listed

All prices are plus vat

100545/R 275/365/400 Starter motor

101988 330/365/400 A/C radiator £750

110309 512BBi Tail silencer box (L) £500

110310 512BBi Tail silencer box (R) £500

114707 400i Water radiator £850

168399 456, 456M Rear Damper spring (used) £60

183334 550 Rebuilt front dampers (pair) £500 each

183636 / 177563 / 169314 456 rear dampers rebuilt (pair) £500 each

For 365GT4 2+2, 400

400i Auto gearbox £1500

Front damper complete with spring (105058 and 105103) £600

Rear damper complete with spring (105059 and 100766) £300

Rear self-leveller (100807) £1000

Steering box, support mount and linkage (RHD) £1200

365 Rear suspension complete with hubs and discs (calipers, wishbones available separately)

365 interior - centre console, dashboard etc - please email for more details

365 instruments and lights - please email for more details

Rear side window glass

Complete doors with glass etc


New front wings (Original stock) part numbers 256-18-041-07 and 256-18-040-07 £POA

Refurbished wheels for 365GT4 2+2. (Part numbers 101228 or 109186) Also fit front of Daytona £300 each